Art McFarland

Art McFarlandArt McFarland’s career spans 31 years in the high pressure New York City television market. When Art retired, he was the longest tenured reporter at WABC-TV. McFarland was the station’s lead education reporter. He covered stories ranging from the latest innovations in educational technology, to successful teaching techniques, to unfortunate acts of misconduct by the small minority of misguided educators. As an investigative reporter, Art’s series of exclusive reports helped expose corruption and child prostitution among residents of New York City’s welfare hotel system. McFarland was part of WABC’s early-morning newscast for many years. He originally was a co-anchor, while also presenting the daily weather forecast. When WABC revamped Eyewitness News This Morning, McFarland became the newscast’s sports reporter and stayed in that position for several more years.

McFarland_Full event pres from NYS Broadcasters Association on Vimeo.