Robert Ausfeld

Bob graduated from Bishop Gibbons in 1967 and continued his education at Hudson Valley Community College and St. Rose. Bob was also a member of the National Guard for seven years. At the age of 23, Bob began his illustrious radio career at WPTR-1540. Through the next 41 years, Bob Ausfeld was a staple in Capital District radio. He was the driving force behind several of the most successful stations including WKLI-FM (K-Lite), WPYX-FM – (PYX106) and WGNA-FM (Country 1077).

At the time of his death, Bob was the general manager at Albany Broadcasting. During his tenure, Bob was credited with launching several successful morning shows including Mason and Sheehan (PYX 106), Wakin’ Up with the Wolf (PYX 106) and the Sean and Richie Show (WGNA). A constant in the ever-changing world of radio, Bob was highly respected and honored for his leadership, knowledge – and experience. Bob would take that praise and acknowledgement in honor of “his team” with which he worked. Known as “The Bobfather” as well as “The King of Albany Radio,” he always valued his talented teams and would remind anyone that “If you take care of your people, they will take care of you”.

Forty-one years ago, Bob found the love of his life, Marion Capullo. They married on February 10, 1973. In the truest sense of the word, Bob loved Marion. He always made it known that he would be lost without Marion. Bob and Marion were blessed with three children whom Bob absolutely adored, Corey, Brian and Morgan. He loved his family and he loved to spend time with his family. Bob enjoyed travel and was especially proud of the countless family vacations to destinations such as Florida, California and Cape Cod, Mass. Bob loved to golf, going to the Saratoga Race Course and sporting events. But as of six years ago, Bob found a new love his grandchildren. Bob was the proudest when it came to his grandchildren. Kendall and Charlotte Ausfeld along with Adam and Reese Lewandowski, brought a new bright light to Bob’s life. He showered them with kisses, hugs and more kisses and loved to sit and hang out with his new crew.

Through his personal and professional life combined with his involvement with many different charities, it has been said that Bob knew “everyone.” That statement could not be truer. He prided himself on honesty and hard work mixed with a smile and that infamous “Bob grin.” Bob Ausfeld was bigger than life. When Bob walked into a room, all attention was on him. When he spoke, you could hear a pin drop. Whether in his personal or professional life, Bob Ausfeld was special, and once you met him you knew it.

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