R. Peter Straus

R. Peter Straus, Chairman of Straus Communications, Inc. in New York City joined his father in the family business ­ ownership of WMCA radio in New York City. It was the station known as “the Good Guys”. He became President of the radio station which championed over-the-air editorials which were not allowed by the FCC at that time. “We thought the mission of a broadcaster was to say something important … we weren’t going to change the world, but we damn well had to try.” Known as the “indie with a flair for public affairs” their belief in responsible editorializing exemplified WMCA’s contribution to broadcast history. When WMCA challenged the New York State’s apportionment law in the early 1960s it “hit the jackpot in public affairs.” Variety was quoted as saying, “It was a gratifying payoff for the New York indie which has consistently stressed civic and national affairs … since 1943.” He was the Director of the Voice of America during the Carter Administration. Peter was elected President of the New York State Broadcasters Association in 1964-65.

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